Dhee Kahani 2020

Thirteen Ways Of Looking #13waysoflooking

An exhibition curated by Dr Sylvia Theuri.

A New Art West Midlands and International Curators Forum Curatorial Residency in partnership with and hosted by Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, in association with Coventry Biennial.

Hira Butt’s work explores the place of South Asian women within marital and domestic spaces. This work has developed as a result of personal experience and conversations with married Pakistani women during a recent trip to Pakistan by the artist. Butt explores the layered complexity of traditional culture of passing the bucket of ancestral expectations of being an exemplary woman and how it can be used to exploit the meaning of relationships.

Her art piece centres on golden bangles which are often gifted to Pakistani women on their wedding day, as a symbol of trust and value. The bangles are unassuming, seen by Butt as having become part of South Asian women's personal lives. Butt reworks these bangles, changing their function, exploring the transforming narratives and raising questions about the wedding day and the life promised that may not materialise.

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