Open Group Crit at Fail Better

In August 2019, I got this opportunity to do residency at Fail Better led by Vicky Roden. This residency proved to be a very important part of the work I was going to develop. I was going through a huge artistic block when I submitted my requested to do the residency and literally needed a physical and intellectual kick to get rolling. I pushed myself into thinking about materials and the role they play in oriental cultural context. What exactly they mean and what is the story they are telling me.

I wanted to know if the materials that I have previously used in my series have still got resonance and relevance with my emotions or they life has ended for me. This Residency behaved like a closure with some of the materials and ideas that were brewing inside me.

On request, Vicky arranged an Open Crit Day for me during the residency, some of the lovely artists/studio holders at Fail Better showed up. The day proved to be very productive. I gained confidence to speak in front of a few people, as I was extremely shy and stuttered a-lot initially, while explaining what I was going to try to do during this residency. We discussed possibility of performance art under Alex Billingham's mentorship and even tried doing a little performance but miserably failed.

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