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Hira Butt is a British Pakistani artist based in Birmingham, England. Born in 1987, Butt migrated to England from Lahore, Pakistan, after completing her Bachelor in Fine Arts in December 2009. Since then, Butt has worked on and off in different creative fields. In 2016, Butt got the opportunity to study Fine Arts and relished the chance; she stretched herself as an artist and completed her master in 2018 by winning the Master Degree Prize in Medium Practice, Birmingham City University.

Through her installations, Butt’s work explores ideologies of gender and cultural dominance, modern slavery, domestic violence, the place of South Asian women within marital and domestic spaces. Butt is also interested in the occidental impact on oriental cultures and their political, social, and psychological effects on the eastern diaspora. Finally, through personal experience and conversations with several South Asian women, Butt seeks to critique both the wedding day and the life promised that often does not materialise.
Butt often uses carefully selected mundane domestic objects, bejewel them and transform them to give them a new identity while maintaining their originality.

Some exhibitions/residencies
Some of the recent exhibitions The Art trail, Ikon- Selfridges, 2021 Solo Show, Re-thinking Dhee Kahani, Stryx, 2021 May “Ikon for Artists”, Birmingham, 2020 October “Thirteen Ways of Looking” at Herbert Gallery Coventry, The Twin; Coventry Biennial 2019, New west midlands Art 2019 Coventry.

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