Letters to Pakistan’, was a chance for Butt to amend her old deep wounds attached with her childhood memories and soil. Butt took this opportunity as a process to heal her relationship with her soil and wrote the visual letter 'Dhee Khat'. Butt felt that she found herself as an outsider, displaced. However, through writing three letters of resentment and lastly final letter of love (shown below), Butt couldn’t be more grateful for her country’s rich culture that is saturated in love and spirituality. Living in England since 2009, Butt missed her people, culture, food, neighbourhood, clothes and language for years. Butt says, that I may be out of Pakistan but Pakistan was never out of me. I am Pakistan. Below are the pictures of the last letter presented for the exhibition (letters to Pakistan, Art Soch Contemporary) is an expression of pure love and gratitude that Butt feels for her home, Pakistan.