“Scream” and “Pinned or Pinned”, emerged out of a process of experimenting and understanding the treatment of materials, anthropomorphically. Butt explored the possibilities of executing the contrast of the materials, as a metaphor, in a retrospective of the unpleasant and uncomfortable personal relationship she had in past.

The canvas fabric Butt has used in both of the pieces are washed with colours that have significance to a specific memory. The greens are the colours of the parrot, 'Frankie' who eventually flew to freedom. The reds are the traditional colours for bridal attire in Pakistan and most South Asian cultures.

The mistreated canvas clenched together, held down, stepped on, with lack of prestige and, rigidness and inflexibility of the wooden box reflect on the idea of having dysfunctional and weak human connection. The process is to create a kind of monogram of two objects being uncomfortable by their very connection. The box size mimics the original size of the bird's cage that he was kept in and the red canvas is an approximate length of the veil of the bridal attire with the safety pins that are traditionally used to set the veil onto the bride’s body, to secure the veil, so it doesn’t move. The canvas cloth coming out of the Cage Box are ripped and broken pieces of Butt's previous paintings that were kept away from her for a long time. Years later, they were sent over.  However, the significance of their existence meant nothing and a simple gesture of ripping them apart manifested the non-existential meaning of the people who kept them.