‘Dhee Rani’, (translation: Princess Daughter) is a series of carefully selected and bejewelled sculptures that reflects on the complexity of cultural paradox that involves domestic violence and contemporary slavery as a result of cultural transition. The series is a thought-provoking play with the idea of commodification of life partners and on the event of ‘selecting’ partners on the basis of suitability of domestic use rather than their personality, aspirations or quality as a human being. It reflects on the intentions and expectations, behind and from the ‘selection’ and later on, the mess, involved personalities get into.

In this series, Butt works around the ideology of gender and cultural dominance and ‘Brit/Pak Mess’ (self-claimed name) that left empowering emotional, psychological and physical aftereffects on my personality. The series is a manifestation of confrontation of the pressures and impact, that enforced cultural differences or made-up differences can have on someone who goes through tremendous cultural transition.

The series reflects on the globalised ubiquitousness of societal empowerment of male dominance over owning glorious game of kicking an object around for sport and having power over beauty, and pleasurable and entertaining functionality of females.